A Guide on Mulching the Leaves with the Lawnmower: 3 Easy Steps

Why to leave the leaves on the ground when you can use them for your profits? Revealing the details about leaves mulching, lawnmower mulching blades and other details for curious gardeners.

Leaving the lawn without light and air is a crime. And, unfortunately, the leaves left on the ground may cause unpleasant consequences. That is why today we will tell you what to do with the leaves and why a lawnmower is a great helper in this case.

The possibilities of a lawnmower

If you did not know, this equipment is used not only for grass cutting but for mulching too. There are two types of lawnmowers which allow doing such different things. Their characteristics are quite similar: they can be of high capacity or not, durable or not very, heavy or light, convenient or not. But the main thing is blades.

How to select the blades for mulching the leaves

Finding the right Mulching Blades for Mower is a key. They should be shorter and narrower than those used for a usual type. Also, they have a special shape and can be double- or four-bladed. Choose the color depending on your preferences.

How to cope with the leaves

  1. Use rotator equipment. We recommend taking the one with high capacity.
  2. Take the rakes first and spread the leaves over the land.
  3. Use a lawnmower on the leaves. After that, take the results of the process and use as fertilizer.

Remember: you can leave the mulch on the ground or take some of it and use somewhere else, it is up to you. Also, be very careful with the blades and prevent anyone from being near while you use a lawnmower.

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