Bestmixer is a great Bitcoin mixing service – the reasons why it’s best

5 reasons why this Bitcoin tumbler is the best of all, what helps to stay anonymous and the things users like the most.

Bestmixer was created in 2018 by unknown developers and now it’s a preferable website for many cryptocurrency owners. Today we’ll try to find what makes them choose it instead of other tumblers. For analysis, we’ve used the official website:

  1. A multilingual website

The mentioned mixer is adapted for 11 different languages and no matter which one you chose, everything is understandable because of convenient division into sections.

  1. An ability to regulate the mixing process

This Bitcoin mixing service is user-friendly. To adjust the process there’s a special mixing strength meter which depends on other factors: a transfer delay time, a chosen mixing pool, a currency type and a service fee.

  1. A high level of protection

To reach this Bestmixer was created Tor-friendly and SSL secured. It automatically generates an incoming address and deletes all information about mixing in 24 hours after its finish. Nobody asks for a name so you won’t be found by cybercriminals and government.

  1. A variety of coins

This website offers not only Bitcoins but Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum in future.

  1. Reasonable prices

The fees won’t distress – the minimum fee is 0,5% and the maximum varies depending on the type of currency. There are discounts – the more users mix, the bigger discounts they get.

It’s quite fair to call Bestmixer “the best” and if you try it, you’ll probably find something else.

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