Monitoring Sales Managers

Each business, including, a retail, pursues definite purposes:
● maximizing profit;
● the increase in sales volumes;
● extension of market share;
● increase in competitiveness in comparison with other players of the market;
● increase in the loyalty of buyers to the business.

For achievement of these purposes, specific objectives are set for business in general and for its structural subdivisions. Same concerns sales managers: maximizing efficiency of execution of the tasks contributes to the achievement of common goals of the firm.

At all stages of operation for the sales manager the specific objective which expresses in cost, quantitative indices needs to be controlled. It is better to use the best BPM software to cope with this task.

In cases when the plan or expected indices of results of operation do not satisfy either the worker or a management, it is necessary to carry out the analytical operation, to understand the reasons and to correct a situation. It is necessary to estimate the operation of sales managers (actually, all other employees of the firm, too). It is necessary to do it for the following reasons:

1. In the market and in that competitive environment in which the businessman operates there are continuous changes Sometimes both business and workers adapt to changes automatically and not noticeably. Sometimes it is necessary to provide additional training for employees, to employ the additional expert, the coach;
2. Monitoring of sales department is necessary because technologies for sales permanently change, new techniques appear;
3. Except that the market permanently changes, there appear new, modern and more effective modes of work.

The seller is, first of all, the person who, except for his job activities, has other life which exerts an impact on the operation and its effectiveness. Habits, hobbies, fatigue – all this can influence and affects the effectiveness of the operation. Enter a personal daily routine for each subordinate, check the list of their affairs and if necessary, adjust it.

When monitoring sales usually next moments are considered:

● Whether the seller is able to cope with his tasks;
● How well is this seller’s support service level in case of service and communication with the client. It influences the loyalty and satisfaction of the buyer;
● Whether there are shortcomings of operation of the expert. If they remain, it is necessary to define who or what is the reason for these shortcomings: the seller, his direct chief, the chief of the company, other employees etc.;

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