Why does your business need push notifications?

Web push notifications are instant short notices, which are sent only after subscribing a user to alerts from his favorite site. As well as for messages from mobile applications, the user himself decides whether to receive such notification or not – that is, the probability of spamming tends to zero.

Benefits of web push notifications

About 18 billion of push notifications are sent to Chrome daily and each of these notifications is guaranteed to come to the user, even if he is not online for a long time. This is almost a win-win tactic for a successful marketing campaign.

Benefits of using the push ads network and push ads include:

  • High conversion: The base of subscribers for push-mailing is collected many times faster than for email. Subscription is carried out in one click. Moreover, the visitor of the site easily agrees to receive from you notices, without leaving their personal data.
  • High CTR: for email, the viewability rate is 15–20%. At the same time, no more than 5% of recipients click on the links inside the letter. As for web push notifications, 8–12% of subscribers return to your site for each notification.
  • Good user experience: not every business needs its own application or can afford it at all. Adding a line of code to your site for a push subscription takes several minutes, in addition, it is free of charge for the trial version. In addition, users do not like when their devices are cluttered with third-party applications. With push messages, everything is simple and relevant to the subscriber and easy for business.

Why choose push messages for the communication?

Here are the reasons to choose push messages for the communication:

  • Few of the marketers won’t agree that this trend is the key to success. Using the targeting and segmentation tools, each message can be relevant and individual. All elements of the notification can be made to your taste according to the interests of each subscriber.
  • Visual appeal. The pictures attract attention and decorate the text – it’s a fact. Marketers can add large images and thus give their subscribers even more interesting and aesthetic content.
  • Delivery mechanism. Push notifications come to the device through the browser – instantly or according to the scheduled sending time. This helps marketers quickly deliver a notification to both the smartphone and the subscriber’s computer. But you must remember that the technology is not supported by all operating systems.

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